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Health Insurance Advisors has completed our analysis of the 2019 Non-ACA plans available with different insurance companies. Based on our research, we are recommending the UnitedHealthcare PPO Plan.
These plans do not cover Pre-existing conditions and are not appropriate for clients with recent or ongoing medical conditions.
These plans have very good coverage for accidents and new medical conditions that emerge after the policy start date.
Why consider the One Year PPO Plans? Because the other option, ACA / Obamacare plans have:

  • HMO networks only – smaller provider networks requiring referrals to see a specialist
  • No coverage for out of network services or service outside of Georgia, except for emergencies
  • There are no plans available with POS networks
  • Are even more expensive than last year’s Plans.

One Year PPO Plans:

  • Cost approximately 50-60% less than ACA / Obamacare compliant plans
  • Have access to UnitedHealthcare Choice + PPO network in Georgia and nationally
  • Require passing a simplified medical history questionnaire
  • Are Not subject to the previous Tax Penalty for not having an ACA / Obamacare plan
  • The Downside: Plans will not cover Pre-existing conditions, Preventative care or Pregnancy.
    Please read the Pre-existing condition definition – think it through carefully how it will affect your family. The “look back” period is 24 months, please call with any questions.

These policies are now effective for 360 days, we recommend start date 1/6/2019 – ending on 12/31/2019.
Contact our office for the strategy how to bridge the coverage gap until 1/6.

UnitedHealthcare Exclusions, Limitations and Pre-Existing conditions definition, can be found on page 12-14 of the Short Term (360 days) One Year PPO  ST Plan Brochure

I have read the Exclusions, Limitations and Pre-Existing conditions definition.

Instructions to Run the UnitedHealthcare Quote we suggest printing this  View UnitedHealtcare PPO Benefits and Rates

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