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September 25, 2017

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We are… data driven, analytical, carrier neutral… Health Insurance Advisors

The HealthPlanStore is a Fee Base Practice.

Why the change?
Due to the Insurance companies large losses in the Obamacare Health Plans, they have either reduced or eliminated paying agent service fees. In order to remain in business and continue to offer our carrier neutral service this change became necessary.

How does it work?
Our annual Advisory Service Fee

  • $185 Individual
  • $275 Family of two or more

The Advisory Service Fee includes:

  1. Access to our research, analysis and recommendations; identifying the best value plans, provider networks and pointing out the weaknesses in each plan during the client’s Benefit Review Consultation.
  2. Subsidy screening and Optimization when applicable
  3. Provide assistance checking “must have” Doctors and Hospitals
  4. Provide assistance checking the Rx Formulary lists – discuss Open v. Closed lists
  5. Assist with Enrollment & follow up to confirm the plan is approved and effective Jan 1st
  6. We answer benefit questions throughout the year
  7. Provide help with claims or billing problems throughout the plan year

What about a 2-Employee Group Plan?

On or Off the Exchange? What’s the Difference?

Our Service is primarily for Georgia residents. If you’re outside of Georgia, please call before signing up.

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